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Lose Weight Quickly Like a Celebrity

Do You Want to Lose Weight Quickly Like Celebrities Do?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a personal trainer? It would make losing weight so much easier. No calories to count, no trying out different weight machines that you don’t know how to use, someone pushing you to work and telling you what to do to lose the weight quickly. The main reasons most of us don’t have trainers is because personal trainers are expensive  - they also require a commitment of a lot of time. When you are spending that much money, you really want to stick with it so that it isn’t wasted money.

Now it’s actually possible to lose weight quickly like a celebrity because many personal trainers have taken their routines more public. You can read about different celebrity trainer tips and diet plans in most weekly tabloid magazines and some have websites where you can sign up and get information as it is updated.

 Although you won’t have the physical interaction or a trainer calling you to tell you to get up off your couch – you can get a full plan that tells you how to lose weight, and fast.

It’s easy enough to find many celebrities quick weight loss plans in US Weekly or online. When Beyonce lost 20 pounds quickly for a film, she cited the Lemonade diet or popular master cleanse as the method for the quick weight loss. Beyonce's lemonade diet was very effective but isn't a long term fitness or diet plan. It's a quick fix for when you need a jump start or have an event that you want to fit into a size smaller for. Beyonce and other celebs who do the master cleanse lemonade diet know that the cleanse isn't a long term solution but it does help them and you lose weight fast if you have a time crunch. People on the lemonade diet are known to start out pretty cranky and edgy but lemonade dieters say that as the lemon juice fast goes on, they feel euphoric and clear-headed.

Do you notice a lot of celebrities say things like "I eat whatever I want" "I just can't gain weight", or after losing 40 pounds within a month of having a baby, "I just did yoga once a week and ate healthy foods".  Do you believe these celebrity weight loss strategies? I am very skeptical and don't often believe it when a celebrity says “I eat whatever I want and do some yoga to relax” as a weight loss plan. Perhaps if all they “want” to eat is two scrambled egg whites for each meal then I would believe it but many celebrities have to put in a bit more effort to lose weight and get perfect bodies.

Adriana Lima should be applauded - she recently told NY mag and other bloggers that she works very hard for her amazing post-body baby. You can read all about Adriana Lima's zero carb and metagenics weight loss plan, just click Adriana Lima Diet.

Many celebrities have said that they use “The Zone” diet or a variation of it – the main commonalities in the celebrity diets for losing weight seem to be lots of vegetables, and lean meats and fish in small portion. Everything else in miniscule portions, it seems. That, in addition to physical activity is what works for many people who want to lose weight quickly and keep it off.

Many celebrities use some variation of a low carb diet either the Atkin's diet, or the Dukan Diet favored by Jennifer Lopez for post-pregnancy weight loss, or the South Beach Diet. You can read more about the Dukan Diet which was also used by supermodel Gisele to lose the baby weight by clicking Dukan Diet or Dukan Diet Menu

You can also try a raw or vegan diet as many celebrities do. Health conscious screen queens like Alicia Silverstone have been vegan friendly for years and look great doing it. Alicia Silverstone even penned a book called The Kind Diet. A more extreme diet that many feel is incredible for your skin and helps you to lose weight is the raw food diet. You'd be surprised at the delicious food combinations that you will find with a raw diet but it definitely takes discipline and work if you are not naturally a vegetable and fruit lover. In addition to helping you lose weight quickly, a raw diet can help your skin look amazing and help you look younger. Click Here for Raw Food Celebrity Diet

It’s great when you find celebs that offer up their specific plans to share with the world. It’s like best kept secrets from people who have access to the best of everything. Everyone’s favorite daytime talk show host, Oprah was among the first to do this on a huge scale. Her trainer Bob Greene shared her plan with the world and it became a huge success and helped a lot of people lose weight in the process.

Various celebrity trainers have different methods that they use with their clients but they all have something in common – they work. If you are looking for something to get you in shape quickly, as if you have a red carpet appearance next week, it seems like famed trainer of many celebrities, Tracy Anderson, might be the trainer you’d want to have on your side. Gwyneth Paltrow recently shared her whole diet and exercise plan to lose weight quickly that she used while preparing for her upcoming film, Iron Man 2. She felt that the plan her trainer put her on got her in the best shape of her life. Read about that plan: Gwyneth Paltrow Diet

To end, a new favorite for celebs, particularly those that want to drop baby weight in no time is the Dukan Diet. As noted above, the Dukan Diet is the favored diet of J-Lo and Gisele Bundchen post-baby. It is a French diet that requires some discipline but gets results in a hurry. It is exceptional in that it offers a maintenance plan to keep the weight off once you lose it. Check out more into at Pierre Dukan Diet

There are as many celebrity weight loss diets as there are celebrities. The diet that is best for you depends on you - how will you lose weight quickly like a celebrity?

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