Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is the HCG Diet a Scam?

Can you lose weight on the HCG Diet and Is it Healthy?

It’s interesting – I’ve done a lot of reading about this one because the HCG diet remains a controversial one. Some people, doctors, average individuals, personal trainers and dieters thing the HCG diet is a scam. They think it doesn’t work, they think the HCG diet is unhealthy and that the reason people are losing weight on the HCG diet is only because of the limited calorie intake. These people think that the weight lost on the HCG diet is not healthy weight – that its muscle or other lean tissue mass, not excess fat as the creator suggests.

In contrast, I have read tons of reviews saying just the opposite, that the HCG diet is a lifesaver, is not a scam and that it works. On this side, more doctors, more dieters, more average individuals, more personal trainers who are for the HCG protocol as much as the other side was against it.

It is undeniable that if you spend a lot of time on diet forums, you will find both sides- people who want to expose HCG as a scam, often those promoting other diet or exercise plans and those who want to prove HCG works – and many of these are selling HCG, right?

However, I noticed in my research that any time there was an article about how HCG was a scam – there were several comments that seemed to be from individual dieters who were passionate that the HCG protocol had worked for them when nothing else had. It seems for serial dieters, people that had a lot of weight to lose, the HCG was effective. Long stories of their personal weight loss struggles and multiple posts convinced me that these were real people and legitimate posts.

People who need to lose a few pounds don't really need to do the HCG diet unless they have some exceptional situation where they are getting fat pockets building on an otherwise emaciated frame. Dr. Simeon who created the HCG diet told of "the emaciated woman" in his protocol, a woman who came to him and appeared to be slender but when she revealed her body, she had large fat deposits she absolutely could not get rid of without starving herself making the rest of her body emaciated. Simeons put her on the HCG protocol and she changed her shape to a beautiful healthy and well-proportioned body. Obese people have also benefitted significantly from the HCG diet. People who need to lose 30 lbs, lose 40 lbs, lose 60 pounds or more can all benefit from the HCG diet with discipline and a desire to lose weight.
Read my HCG frequently asked questions page, which explains how the HCG protocol works and why HCG makes it safe to be on a very low calorie diet:
To me, it makes sense but the bottom line is whether or not the HCG diet works and makes you lose weight quickly. Additionally, my husband has spoken with his doctor who has had great success with the HCG protocol and HCG injections in his patients who need to lose a lot of weight. 

What do you think? Have you tried the HCG diet? Did you have good results and lose weight? Or, do you think HCG is a scam that needs to be exposed?

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