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HCG for Weight Loss - Does it Work?

Does the HCG Diet Work?

The HCG protocol has been around since the 1950s. It has proven to be one of the most effective ways to lose weight quickly especially for people with large amounts of fat stored in various parts of their bodies.
The reason the HCG diet is so good for those looking to lose weight quickly is that HCG basically activates the pockets of excess fat in your body and utilizes them as your body’s source for fuel. Combined with a very limited calorie diet, your body uses stored fat as its source of calorie energy to function during the course of the diet. Unlike other limited calorie diets, your body has fat calories circulating so it does not feel that it is starving and therefore doesn’t use your muscle or other tissues as a source for fuel. This is why you lose weight quickly. You are losing fat, and not necessary fat – the excess or adipose fat that your body does not need.

You can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a day following the HCG diet. It won’t be easy though. The calorie intake for each day is limited to 500 calories and the food guidelines are very specific and restrictive. For some, these restrictions will make it easier as you will not be tempted by options. You know what you can eat, and how much of it. For others, this will prove very challenging. However, most HCG dieters note that after the difficult first couple of days, your body adjusts and you do not feel hungry. If anything, people on the HCG protocol note that they feel clear-headed and don't experience hunger.

Another reason people like the HCG diet is because you can lose weight quickly on it without exercise. It’s great if you don’t exercise or if you are very busy because without much effort, and with a lot of discipline – you will see dramatic results. You are welcome to exercise while on the HCG diet if you have the energy and enjoy exercising but exercise is not a requirement on the HCG protocol.
HCG can be administered either by injections as it has been done since the beginning of the HCG diet or you can now take HCG via sublingual drops. You can order HCG injections online or have a local doctor’s office give them to you. Many people feel like the injections are better than the drops. There doesn't appear to be conclusive evidence that the HCG injections are better than HCG drops that you take orally. However, the original HCG protocol created by Dr. Simeons was done with injections or shots administered by the doctor himself. If you have the time to go to the doctor and financially it is not a problem, it would be good to get the shots administered from a doctor in your area. In addition to making sure you are getting the proper dosage of HCG at each visit, the doctor can monitor and adjust your dosage depending on your weight loss progress. He or she can administer more or less HCG depending on your results with HCG. This is also beneficial because your HCG doctor can make sure the HCG is effective, that you are getting enough nutrients and all is going as it should. You will know that you are doing your HCG in a healthy way under a doctor's care. If cost makes it prohibitive to visit an HCG doctor in your area who can administer shots and monitor your progress, you could order HCG injections online or you can get oral HCG drops that work homeopathically. You can order the homeopathic HCG drops online and self-administer. Either way, studies have shown the weight loss results are the same. 

The HCG protocol is a diet and you should consult your physician before undertaking any diet or weight loss plan.
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What have your HCG weight loss results been?

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