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Jennifer Aniston on a New Baby Food Diet?

Baby Food Diet

It has been reported that svelte star Jennifer Aniston is on a baby food diet recommended by trainer Tracy Anderson. 
Update: In new reports, Aniston's publicist says she IS NOT doing the baby food diet and that she is losing weight by working out.

Does Jennifer Aniston’s reported new baby food diet work? Apparently, she has lost 7 pounds in a week on location in Hawaii. Will it work for you?
I think it will and here is why.

The baby food diet is like most other gimmick type diets. It is restrictive in calories and very focused – almost like fasting but at least with this one you get some nutrition and flavor. Any diet that is very restrictive in calories should show weight loss fairly quickly. Is it a long-term solution? I don’t think so.
Basically, Jennifer Aniston on the baby food diet will eat several very tiny portioned “meals” throughout the day as instructed by her trainer. Baby food is generally vegetable and fruit dense so the calories are likely from natural sources. If the baby food is not genetically modified or organic, it’s even better. These are simply purees of fruits and vegetables. Then, each evening, she eats a sensible dinner.

DIY Baby Food Diet with Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston does look fantastic – she has for years had the long, lean limbs that many women covet. She generally has attributed this to working out, and eating lean meats and a diet high in vegetables and very low in carbohydrates. This is likely a jump-start plan for her to get into gear for her latest film role. She stated that she had been indulging and wanted to get into her peak shape so this is her method.
You can do your own baby food diet without even buying baby food.
Simply puree organic fruits and vegetables – focus more on the vegetables as they will be more nutrient dense and generally lower in calories and put them in pre-portioned tupperwares or containers. Tracy Anderson says that Jennifer Aniston has 14 pre-portioned servings throughout the day. Based on your activity, caloric needs and your body, you could adjust the number of servings.
The food that Jen Aniston is having includes smoothies, pears with cinnamon, pureed oatmeal and more. Then, each evening, she has a “sensible dinner”. Make of that what you will. I’m assuming it means a very small portion of white meat chicken breast grilled with spices, no oil or a piece of fish prepared the same way as well as some vegetables also prepared without much oil.

A great way to do chicken that is low calorie and very tasty is this:
Lemon Garlic Chicken
Slice the chicken breast so it is "open" and lays out fairly thin to cook more evenly.
Add salt
Chop and mince fresh garlic cloves – rub on the chicken - maybe even stuff with a knife some of the cloves into the chicken
In a small bowl, place the chicken – surrounded by garlic cloves and squeeze the juice of one lemon into the bowl
Make sure the garlic and chicken are coating the chicken well and let it marinate in the refrigerator for 20 mins to 12 hours
Throw it on the grill (with either organic spray olive oil or a very light drizzle of olive oil to the chicken) at between 400-475 degrees. Keep your eye on it – you want the nice grill marks and for it to be cooked just through. Turn it once. Don’t overcook as it will continue to cook as it rests in the next step.
Take it off the grill and cover, letting it rest in its juices for a couple of minutes
Serve with greens such as fresh arugula with lemon and salt
Bon Appetit!

So, the baby food diet can be done as you do have the real meal to look forward to each evening. Try being creative with your “baby food” purees – steam and mix things that you think would work well together- carrots and butternut squash, pumpkin with a bit of pumpkin pie spice and stevia, cauliflower and broccoli – your baby food possibilities go on and on. 
What are some of your favorites? The baby food diet is similar to doing a half day cleanse diet. If you were to juice fruits and vegetables or make healthy veggie loaded smoothies for breakfast and lunch and then eat a normal dinner - it would be the same. A baby food diet really isn't much crazier than a juice fast or healthy juice cleanse diet. Many of the popular cleanse products like Organic Avenue cleanses or Blueprint cleanse use this same idea of drink incredibly nutrient rich cleansing juices or smoothies for a short period of time to lose weight. The difference between a baby food diet and these more expensive cleanse products is that they are made to include all of the nutrients you would need for a day so that your body doesn't feel like it is starving or without nutrients. It is harder to control with your own baby food or juice cleanse diet but if you use recipes that ensure full nutrients in the cleansing smoothies or shakes, it is better. You may only lose water weight but for a quick fix, this may be okay for you if you need quick results. 
Do you think Jennifer Aniston is crazy for (allegedly) doing the baby food diet?

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