Monday, May 3, 2010

Tracy Anderson 3 lb weights

Doing the Tracy Anderson Method, you only work with up to 3 lb weights.  Is this effective or not when you are trying to sculpt your arms? Do you need heavier weight to see results?

There seems to be a lot of controversy over the fact that Tracy Anderson, celebrity trainer advises women that they should use no more than 3 lb weights with her method. I’ve noticed on blogs and in reviews, women who don’t like the method are in an uproar about it. If you are a fan - make sure you get the new book available now Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method to kick start your weight loss!

Many seem to think it’s archaic for women to limit their weights to only 3 pounds in the exercises. Some have said in forums that it is crazy to think that women can’t lift more than 3 lb weights when working out. To this point, I would say that women CAN lift more than 3 pound weights, obviously. The question is: are the women who are using heavier weights building the bodies they want? If so, then they will do that. But for many, what they've tried in the past isn't working. For some women, using heavier weights does appear to create more of a bulk. Although this may not be the case for everyone – some do.

Tracy created her method because she found that she could not help from bulking up when she was working towards her goal of being a dancer and every workout method she tried made her bulk up.

People have different ideas about what physique they prefer. Some prefer toned, some more muscular, some very thin – depending on what your fitness goals are, you can decide what workout and diet plan is best for you. For those who want lean dancer-like muscles, it appears based on her celebrity clientele that this goal is achieved with the 3 lb weight limit. A short list of Tracy Anderson devotees include supermodels like Karolina Kurkova, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristin Davis, Shakira and Courteney Cox. Tons of other models and actresses have worked with her and achieved the toned lean muscles without bulking up using her method.

I’ve thought it silly also when detractors have said things like “I won’t be able to carry my baby or groceries” if I only lift three pound weights. We aren’t required to lift weights at all to carry babies or groceries or other things. If one wants to lift or carry 70+ lbs on a regular basis – it’s true, the Tracy Anderson Method with its 3-lb weight limit is probably not the optimal training regiment.

Others have learned that lifting heavier weights and performing fewer repetitions is more effective for weight loss and streamlined muscles. I think that the best test is to try and see the results. It’s also helpful to look at the instructor and other’s results who are doing the method in question. Because Tracy Anderson and her celebrity clientele have the long lean dancer muscles that most who try her workout want, it would lead you to believe that the 3 lb weights and extensive repetitions do deliver the desired results.

Tracy’s theory is that by using heavier weights, you are building larger muscles and creating more chance for loose skin in the future if you stop working out. Her goal is instead to pull the loose skin up to the muscle and create a lean and long line. Some of the exercises in her new book, her Mat workout DVD, and the webisodes are unconventional. That is the point, you are working different muscles than those the normal triceps or biceps curls. Your arms will ache in a different way when doing the exercises in the method without weights and those that use weights using only 3 lb weights.

To do the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD, all you need is a set of 3 pound weights, (you can also start with one pound or two pound weights and work up to three), a basic exercise mat and some dedication to doing it consistently.

What do you think about the 3 lb weight guideline?  Do you use heavier weights? What kind of Tracy Anderson Method results have you seen using 3 lb weights? 

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