Friday, May 14, 2010

Mini Trampolines to Lose Weight?

Is exercising on Mini-Trampolines a good way to Lose Weight?

Always on the search for a new form of cardio to lose weight – I came across the mini trampoline workout idea through celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. As you can see from my various posts about the Tracy Anderson Method, she advises her clients to avoid some of the typical cardio options that people use to lose weight. However, Tracy Anderson does say yes to jumping on a mini trampoline for cardio.

Celebrity trainer and creator of the Tracy Anderson Method for lean non-bulky muscles, she says no to running, elliptical machines and standard use of the treadmill. She’s okay with dancing and skipping on the treadmill, but that’s a whole different post. Her theory is that these sorts of cardio activities like stair climbing and running tend to make you bulk up rather than lose weight. These activities work the large muscle groups and engage those larger muscles and don’t give the slim, toned, lean muscles she is working for with her clients. Generally, her idea is, “if you want a dancer’s body, then dance”. If you want a gymnast’s body, gymnast style exercises make sense, for those who want more muscular strong physiques, running or weight lifting are appropriate.

If you want the lean dancer muscles, Tracy Anderson suggests you dance using Tracy Anderson Method Presents Dance Cardio Workout DVD or whatever other dance you like as long as it makes you sweat like crazy. However, some people get bored of dancing all the time. You have to dance quite consistently to lose weight so what are some alternatives to the dancing when you want to lose weight and achieve the lean, long muscles. Tracy Anderson recommends that you workout six days a week, forever. She advises 40-60 minutes of dance cardio or comparable and about 45-60 minutes of muscular structure training. If you do find dance cardio tedious and want to add another type of cardiovascular activity for weight loss - consider the  mini trampoline.

Not hugely popular since probably the 70s, the mini trampoline seems to be making a bit of a comeback for weight loss. Mini trampolines are great as they don’t take up too much space in your place, they are fun, you burn a lot of calories using them, they are easier on your joints than pounding the pavement, you can watch TV or a DVD while on it, and you can do varied movements to avoid boredom. 

However, does jumping on the mini-trampoline help you lose weight?
Research suggests that you don’t lose much weight if your only exercise is a mini trampoline routine or “rebounding”. Although you may feel an increase in heart rate, or sweat, it could be from the bouncing and not for your own exertion. If you are just bouncing, you will likely not burn enough calories to make it worth the effort unless you really love doing it. However, you can change that by the types of things you do on your mini trampoline. If you are doing squats on the trampoline, jumps, dancing on the trampoline, kicking and other moves that you would do on the floor – you will be burning far more calories than you would just bouncing around. 

Just like with the other Tracy Anderson method DVDs and webisodes, the key is performing the moves you do. If you are dancing on the trampoline, pretend you are performing and either follow choreography from an exercise cardio DVD or create your own mini trampoline workout. Consider using your mini trampoline as a step too. You can incorporate step aerobics, mini trampoline dance cardio and bouncing for your own boredom free custom trampoline workout. How many calories will you burn on the mini trampoline workout?

It’s hard to say as there are many factors. Get a calorie counting monitor so you can figure out how many calories you burn on the mini trampoline to determine how many days a week you want to work it into your weight loss workout plan. If you want to lose weight quickly, a good reduction in calories you take in or EAT is your best bet. Combining physical activity like a mini trampoline workout or dancing with a diet of fewer calories will help you lose weight quickly. Jumping on the mini trampoline alone won't likely burn the calories you want for fast weight loss. Eating less and eating fiber and protein rich foods will be beneficial to your trampoline workout weight loss plan. If you need a lot of structure, consider a well-designed low-carb healthy diet like the Dukan Diet to go with your mini trampoline weight loss workouts.

For other intense cardio workouts - no one is better than the incomparable Jillian Michaels. Jillian Michels has helped tons of people lose weight on "The Biggest Loser" and "Losing It with Jillian Michaels". She doesn't take excuses or take no for an answer. If you need some drill-sergeant like disciplinarian pushing you, you may want to consider joining Jillian's weight loss program. Her workouts are known to be intense, exciting, challenging and most important - effective. More Jillian: Fat-Blasting Cardio: Learn the right exercises for your body. Start losing weight now!

Make sure to check out my other posts on The Tracy Anderson Method, losing weight with HCG, diet plans that work, the miracle anti-aging supplement Micro Plant Powder, ways to burn fat, fitness DVD reviews, master cleansing and more. If you have good or bad experience with mini-trampolines to lose weight - let us know in the comments.

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