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Pierre Dukan Recipes

Pierre Dukan Recipes 

If you are looking for Pierre Dukan Recipes, the best thing to do is to buy the Dukan Diet book. There are many things in the book The Dukan Diet that are important that are not described in newspaper articles or in brief website explanations of the diet. If you want even more - the Dukan Diet recipe book was just released in the U.K. and you can buy that by clicking The Dukan Diet Recipe Book

Along with recipes and explanations for WHY certain foods work or do not, Pierre Dukan also gives his full list of approved foods and those to avoid. The Dukan Diet is actually four diet plans in one. It's basis is a low carb diet that is also a low fat diet. The diet is heavy on proteins, lean meats, fish, seafood and poultry. You will find Dukan fish recipes that are tasty, healthy and low in fat and carbs. Dukan provides in his book Dukan meat recipes and Dukan chicken recipes that are lean, easy to make and very flavorful.

Also in the Dukan Diet book, you will find info about exercises that you can do to help that hanging skin as you lose weight. Dukan stresses the importance of a 20-30 minute exercise walk each day (length of time dependent on which phase of the Dukan Diet you are in.) This physical activity is non-negotiable. it is prescribed physical activity for weight loss and the doctor wants you to treat it as any prescription and do it every day.

Pierre Dukan Recipes are made to be delicious no matter which phase of the diet you are in even though it is a low fat diet. Dr. Dukan recognizes the importance of real, delicious and tasty food no matter where you are in your low carb diet. Food is very important in French culture and Dr. Dukan believes that you can have flavorful food that does not taste like cardboard even when you are trying to lose or maintain weight. He states that the Dukan method offers the most weight loss of any diet that offers real food, and is comparable to the results of a cleanse or fasting diet or a protein powder diet.

In the first phase of the Dukan Diet, the food choices are limited basically to Dukan's list of 72 approved foods so the Pierre Dukan recipes focus on spices and high impact flavors without the use of a lot of ingredients. You can find the 72 Dukan Attack approved foods as the first 72 of his 100 Pierre Dukan approved foods Dukan 100 Safe Food List. Use fresh herbs and spices with eggs for a healthy and flavorful breakfast or lunch option. Using garlic and other fresh herbs on chicken or fish will also keep your Pierre Dukan Recipes fresh during the diet.

One super easy and very tasty recipe Dukan chicken recipe is one that was enjoyed in this household even before the Dukan Diet was on the radar.

Lemon Garlic Chicken – you can vary it with different spices or herbs but simply using the grill will add flavor. You can also cook this in a pan or under a broiler.
Garlic Lemon Chicken

2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
4 Cloves Garlic
1 Lemon
Salt & Pepper

Butterfly the chicken breasts so they are thinner and can be well-seasoned with the garlic and lemon. Chop the garlic cloves and rub generously on the chicken. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper. Place in a dish or container and squeeze the juice of one lemon covering the chicken breast completely. Let marinate in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to 12 hours. Spray pan or grill with fat-free oil or rub a TINY amount of oil on chicken to avoid sticking. Place chicken on heated pan or heated grill. Flip once allowing grill marks or browning on one side before turning. Don’t overcook as you will let the chicken rest covered for a couple of minutes before serving where it will continue to cook and retain its juices.
During the cruise phase, you can incorporate arugula or other vegetables into the meal. During the cruise phase you can also chop up some tomatoes to eat with the chicken.

The key to Pierre Dukan Recipes is to use flavor instead of fat. Instead of dumping oil or butter on a piece of fish – add fresh herbs and spices to bring out the natural flavors. Although Pierre Dukan advises to keep salt intake to a minimum, a light sprinkle of sea salt on a piece of fish will really enhance the flavors.

One of the best ways to make Dukan Diet Desserts on a low carb diet or other no-sugar diet treats is to use a liquid egg white formula. By simply pouring about a cup of the 100% natural, safe, pasteurized bio available egg white into a blender, you can add any sort of sweetener and it will take on that flavor and have a nice light airy whipped consistency. Add a bit of unsweetened cocoa and some stevia for a super sweet chocolate treat that is incredibly good for your diet.
Pierre Dukan Recipes with Egg Whites More pasteurized liquid egg whites recipes here
One of my favorites is a whipped egg white shake.
This is loaded with good nutrients and at the same time is super low in calories, and very delicious.
Add a cup of Pasteurized Liquid Egg Whites Don't use raw eggs straight from the store carton as they have risk of salmonella eaten raw)
Add 2 packets NOW French Vanilla Stevia Packets
Add ¼- ½ cup ice
Blend until frothy – you have a Pierre Dukan approved dessert shake that you can have any time of day. If you get sugar-free flavored syrups, you can change the flavors of the egg whites any time and create your own repertoire of amazing Pierre Dukan Recipes.

Make sure to stick to ingredients that are approved for the phase of the diet that you are in. If you are in phase one or the attack phase, you cannot have veggies so stick to those low fat protein dishes. Be creative as possible in your Dukan Diet Recipe making. I highly recommend picking up the book so you can follow the diet properly. Watch also for the book that will soon be released Dukan Diet Recipes. The Dukan Diet cookbook is available in the UK on amazon. They do deliver in the U.S. pretty quickly and there are tons of excellent low carb diet recipes that are low fat, low carb and high in flavor. Buy The Dukan Diet Recipe Book HereBoredom will make it harder to stick with the Dukan Diet so get ready to use spices and approved ingredients. What are your favorite Pierre Dukan Recipes?

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Deer Antler Velvet

Deer Antler Velvet
Have you heard of Deer Antler Velvet? You hear about it on the Kevin Trudeau show, or other natural health type programs. What do you think of it? My husband swears by it - I'm not sure how I feel about it. Check it out.

Have you tried this natural supplement - it claims to offer incredible anti-aging benefits and increases virility! Deer Antler Velvet is one of those supplements that I'm unsure about - does it work? Is it a scam? People who use it tend to think it's a wonder supplement, people who sell it definitely tout the benefits of it but I am not sure. Do I feel better today because I just happen to feel better and am having a nice week or is it related to the new supplement I'm taking. If you can afford it, maybe try it and see how it effects you. Do you feel more energy? Are you more virile? More vibrant? Do you look younger? If the answer to any or all of these is yes, of course you would join the others and continue to take it and sing its praises. If not, don't buy it again and leave a comment so your review is heard. Tell us if you think its a scam. Tell us if you think Deer Antler Velvet is the best thing that ever happened.

Click The Natural News Store to find the most potent deer antler velvet available.

If you are interested in less natural ways to look more youthful - do check out the site Sculptra Information to find out about a newer anti-aging injection treatment that is more gradual and longer lasting than the usual suspects.
You can have your fillers or your Deer Antler Velvet - or you can have both. So for now the internal debate about Deer Antler Velvet wages on.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Get Rid of Baby Weight

Get Rid of Baby Weight Fast

Which celebrities have gotten their beautiful bodies back with the Dukan Diet? Is this the secret to the battle with baby weight?

It is widely reported that hot bodies Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez, J-Lo have successfully dropped pounds with the Dukan Diet following their pregnancies. Over 1.5 million French women attribute their slim figures to the Dukan Diet. If you want to lose weight quickly and keep it off, check out this article.

Gisele and J-Lo and Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr all found the perfect diet in the Dukan Diet. Once past the brief initial part of the diet which is an intense but very effective low carb diet, the Dukan Diet allows them to eat what they want and maintain their slender bodies. More and more people are looking for more than a fad diet but instead want a diet that offers a maintenance plan for life so they can maintain their weight loss. For those struggling to lose weight for years, this method developed by a medical doctor is a healthy plan that is easy to follow for fast weight loss. What good is a diet if you gain all of the weight back and then some so you have to start over for your next big occasion? What you want is a diet that you can be a lifestyle. Over a million French women have made the Dukan Diet their lifestyle and the plan has grown in popularity for a decade. Just recently released in the UK, the weight loss secret is already creating a stir in the US.

J-Lo found that after she had her twins, it was difficult to take the weight off with exercise alone but once she started doing the Dukan Diet, it became easy and natural.

Some people are skeptical about the Dukan Diet. Is it healthy? Critics claim that to eat protein exclusively for 5-10 diet as explained in the diet is unhealthy and that important nutrients are being left out. Many people feel the diet is unhealthy and others question the sensibility of dieting in general claiming that women should not feel that they have to slim down at all, particularly following childbirth. Dr. Dukan spent many years researching and in practice with patients who have used the diet without noting side effects or negative health consequences. For those who have 10 pounds or less to lose, one day on the attack phase of the diet may be adequate. It is only for people who want to lose 40 lbs or more that 7 days or more on the attack phase of the Dukan Diet would be executed.

Lest you think this is simply an Atkin’s diet, the diet is a four-phase approach beginning with a protein-centric phase consisting of lean proteins, going into a protein and vegetable stage, a third phase incorporates bread, fruit, pasta and other food you love to eat and the final phase being a phase for life. The first and second phases are a low-carb plan and carbohydrates are gradually introduced with specific guidelines in the third phase.

In the final phase of the diet called stabilization – you eat whatever you want but one day each week you will go back to your first phase of the diet and eat only lean protein for that one day. Does this work? Millions of dieters have seen positive results and if Gisele and Jennifer Lopez are examples of the diet’s results – to get rid of baby weight, you would be in good company doing the Dukan Diet.