Friday, July 9, 2010

Get Rid of Baby Weight

Get Rid of Baby Weight Fast

Which celebrities have gotten their beautiful bodies back with the Dukan Diet? Is this the secret to the battle with baby weight?

It is widely reported that hot bodies Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez, J-Lo have successfully dropped pounds with the Dukan Diet following their pregnancies. Over 1.5 million French women attribute their slim figures to the Dukan Diet. If you want to lose weight quickly and keep it off, check out this article.

Gisele and J-Lo and Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr all found the perfect diet in the Dukan Diet. Once past the brief initial part of the diet which is an intense but very effective low carb diet, the Dukan Diet allows them to eat what they want and maintain their slender bodies. More and more people are looking for more than a fad diet but instead want a diet that offers a maintenance plan for life so they can maintain their weight loss. For those struggling to lose weight for years, this method developed by a medical doctor is a healthy plan that is easy to follow for fast weight loss. What good is a diet if you gain all of the weight back and then some so you have to start over for your next big occasion? What you want is a diet that you can be a lifestyle. Over a million French women have made the Dukan Diet their lifestyle and the plan has grown in popularity for a decade. Just recently released in the UK, the weight loss secret is already creating a stir in the US.

J-Lo found that after she had her twins, it was difficult to take the weight off with exercise alone but once she started doing the Dukan Diet, it became easy and natural.

Some people are skeptical about the Dukan Diet. Is it healthy? Critics claim that to eat protein exclusively for 5-10 diet as explained in the diet is unhealthy and that important nutrients are being left out. Many people feel the diet is unhealthy and others question the sensibility of dieting in general claiming that women should not feel that they have to slim down at all, particularly following childbirth. Dr. Dukan spent many years researching and in practice with patients who have used the diet without noting side effects or negative health consequences. For those who have 10 pounds or less to lose, one day on the attack phase of the diet may be adequate. It is only for people who want to lose 40 lbs or more that 7 days or more on the attack phase of the Dukan Diet would be executed.

Lest you think this is simply an Atkin’s diet, the diet is a four-phase approach beginning with a protein-centric phase consisting of lean proteins, going into a protein and vegetable stage, a third phase incorporates bread, fruit, pasta and other food you love to eat and the final phase being a phase for life. The first and second phases are a low-carb plan and carbohydrates are gradually introduced with specific guidelines in the third phase.

In the final phase of the diet called stabilization – you eat whatever you want but one day each week you will go back to your first phase of the diet and eat only lean protein for that one day. Does this work? Millions of dieters have seen positive results and if Gisele and Jennifer Lopez are examples of the diet’s results – to get rid of baby weight, you would be in good company doing the Dukan Diet.

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