Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is HCG the Weight Loss Cure?

HCG Weight Loss Cure?
Fact or fiction. Can you really reset your metabolism with HCG?

Are you looking to lose weight fast? Then the HCG protocol might be just the diet for you. The HCG diet gets results. Forums all over the Internet have fans raving about this amazing weight loss cure. My own husband used HCG combined with testosterone for a dramatic weight loss this year. There are still critics who say the diet can’t work or that it isn’t safe but for everyone who says that (and note – most of them haven’t tried it), there are many more saying that the HCG protocol was the only thing that worked for them. After years of struggling with weight issues, not being able to lose weight and feeling low energy – people finally found something that worked for them.

So, they lost weight does that make HCG the weight loss cure? If you are struggling to lose weight - you will probably try anything. Most people you talk to who have done the HCG diet will tell you that it is not very difficult to maintain their weight loss results. The HCG resets your metabolism making it easier to keep the weight off if you stick to a somewhat sensible diet after your protocol. I’m sure if you go back to eating huge amounts of food and load up on sugar, pizza and processed foods to test this – you will find that you will put weight back on. However, if you eat the foods you want within the recommended calories per day for your weight, height, age and gender – you will be able to maintain your weight loss with HCG. In that way it could be said that HCG is a weight loss cure. It is also explained in the protocol that when the HCG resets your metabolism, your craving and desire for food lessens so that you feel full sooner even when you have finished your HCG protocol regiment. 

How does HCG work? It’s pretty simple but you can read more detail on my site – here is a link to frequently asked questions about HCG but you can also look at the past posts on the right for more HCG information.

HCG is a hormone that has the ability to moderate the function of one of your major glands. This gland controls many systems in your body including your thyroid levels, fat burning and metabolism. The HCG stimulates this gland to release stored fat into your bloodstream. It isn’t fat that you need, it is the excess fat that you want to get rid of. During the HCG treatments, you are on a very restrictive 500-calorie diet. Note - there is a breakthrough modified HCG diet that allows you more calories and a few other small modifications which you can read more about at HCG New Breakthroughs. You get some of your nourishment from the calories you are eating each day during the diet, but most of it is coming from that excess fat storage roaming around in your body. This will fuel your body function for the course of the HCG protocol. 

So, your body is burning that excess fat because the HCG is instructing it to do so. How do you get HCG? You can order it online either as injections for personal use or you can order homeopathic HCG drops to take orally. Instead of homeopathic HCG, you can also opt to have HCG shots. Some people prefer the shots and think that HCG shots are more effective than the HCG drops. However, others contest this saying that the HCG drops are every bit as effective as the shots. HCG shots generally have to be administered by a doctor in the U.S. although you can look to order them from outside of the country and self-administer. However, there are legal issues with ordering HCG shots as well as shelf life potency to consider when ordering HCG shots internationally. The HCG sublingual drops don't have these issues and can be ordered safely in the United States and outside of the states and taken under the tongue.

Will HCG be the weight loss cure you need? Try it and find out. What do you have to lose? Oh…a few pounds. Consult your doctor before you begin any diet plan including the HCG weight loss cure.

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