Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HCG Protocol - New Breakthroughs for Weight Loss!

The HCG Protocol created by Dr. Simeons has been around for many decades and has gained momentum as more and more people see the staggering results. The diet is an extreme one that should only be undertaken with close supervision by your doctor or medical provider but it works.

The HCG protocol has many benefits. It is known to increase libido, reduce appetite, reduce sugar cravings, increase energy and metabolism,  and most importantly dramatic loss of weight in the form of fat, not muscle loss. Men lose an average of 30-45 pounds of fat while women lose an average of 25-40 pounds of fat in 40 days.

There has been controversy surrounding this diet because of its extremely limited calorie intake of 500-550 calories daily. There is now a new revised protocol for the Weight Loss Diet with HCG.

The original Dr. Simeons Protocol is long and descriptive but the basics are:

  • Eat 500-550 calories a day – must be done under doctor’s supervision as this is a VERY low calorie diet
  • No vitamins, except calcium – no medications unless your physician directs you to take them
  • No eating breakfast – drink tea instead
  • Injections of HCG required daily or weekly by Dr. Simeons or your own doctor who is guiding you through the protocol.
  • Foods you can eat are very limited and can be difficult to find in grocery stores
  • Limited vegetable intake

Well, a group of doctors got together and revised this very extreme but effective HCG diet plan to make it possible for more people to take advantage of this diet plan. The new revised plan is safer and more attainable for dieters. It is still crucial that those undertaking an HCG protocol work closely with a doctor for safety and optimum results.

The new HCG Protocol as revised by the doctors at “Inches and Pounds”:

  • Eat 800 calories a day
  • Take HCG infused with B12 and multi-vitamins and minerals
  • Eat Breakfast – and more green vegetables are included in the plan
  • Continue to take prescribed medications
  • Self-administered HCG option
  • Easier to find ingredients
  • Diet book with educational information and Cookbook with HCG diet recipes for the second phase of the protocol are available at Inches and Pounds
Hope you found these new breakthroughs and the updated HCG Protocol helpful.

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