Friday, April 23, 2010

Tracy Anderson GOOP Arm Webisode review

Tracy Anderson GOOP Arm Webisode

A brief review about Tracy Anderson's five minute arm webisode which you can get free courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP website - I will also post it below.

With summer fast approaching, you may be feeling the urge to tone things up a bit. Tracy Anderson may be just what the doctor ordered. Tracy is Gwyneth Paltrow's personal trainer and has also worked with Madonna and several other celebrities with hot bodies. Her niche is that she vows to make every woman "teeny tiny". Anderson was a dancer and struggled with her weight and basically tried everything but on her 5 foot frame, just about every exercise plan out there created bulk.

Most people who are working out to lose weight in addition to staying healthy are striving for the same thing - the toned, sculpted, long lean dancer body.

Tracy Anderson has worked with Gwyneth Paltrow for years - Paltrow says that her trainer is responsible for "kicking her formerly sagging ass into shape". Oprah featured Gwyneth and Tracy Anderson on her show and discussed the method that Tracy uses to change the bodies of women all over the world. Tracy worked with Madonna for a long time but according to recent reports, she no longer trains Madonna and there is an alleged feud between former BFFs Paltrow and Madonna. But we don't need to go into that here.

The point is, that Tracy Anderson has obviously had success in getting the results she wants, the results you are looking for. So, without further chatter - a review of the GOOP arm webisode. When you first watch it, if you haven't done the Tracy Anderson method, you will probably think it is a joke. It looks like waving arms, and flapping and doesn't seem like something that would help your arms.

Don't let that deceive you - if you are hitting the movements correctly and as if you are "performing" them, you will feel the muscles in your arms the next day most likely. The exercises are very specifically designed to get the arms that Tracy wants - the long, lean muscles with no bulk and no sagging skin. This video was sent by Tracy to Gwyneth as she was training for Iron Man. Based on her appearance in the movie - this is one worth checking out. If you are familiar with the arm workouts from any of Tracy Anderson's DVDs or other webisodes, you will recognize some of the moves but she also adds in a lot of strong arm movements to add variety and work different muscles in the arms. She noted that this specific webisode created for Gwyneth's GOOP audience was made to target batwings, that lovely flab on the back side of the arms. Work the batwings it does, but you have to create resistance, finish each motion so that you engage all of the muscles and perform.

The music is "Knock You Down" by Keri Hilson featuring Ne-yo and Kanye West. I think that the music works well and makes you want to really push and perform the movements which makes the results better.

Doing this super short webisode alone is not going to change your body but if you combine it with diet and/or cardio, it's a good addition. You can watch the free Tracy Anderson webisode here:

Post in the comments if you have tried the GOOP arm webisode and what you think about it - I wish there were more of them. You can also read my review about the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD here. You can find more Tracy Anderson arm webisodes, Tracy Anderson DVD reviews and Tracy GOOP info on my site - look at the sidebar on the right to find what you are looking for.

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