Monday, April 26, 2010

Lose 40 Pounds - One Guy's Story and How He Plans to Lose 30 More

Can you Lose 40 lbs? One guy's story

As we get older, we tend to gain weight. For some it’s being chained to a chair at work all day, for others it’s stress from work, children, marriage, or money causing us to eat comfort foods. Perhaps bad habits and late night eating and for others, it’s just a combination of less activity, less time to worry about weight gain and the body slowing down.

However, it is possible to stop the gain. My husband did it – in a few short months he lost 40 pounds and is looking and feeling healthier and fitter than he had in a long time.
Here are a few of the things he did to drop weight.
    1. Alcohol = out. Not permanently, but for a couple months, he stopped drinking alcohol – beer, liquor, wine, you name it.  This isn’t for everyone but it’s definitely effective for a few reasons.

a.     Obviously the calories in the beer, wine or sugary mixers that you drink help to pack on the pounds. It’s all empty calories, not nutrient rich or fiber rich so those liquid calories turn into sugar in your body and really don’t do anything for you.

b.     Second, when you are intoxicated, you aren’t as critical of what you put into your mouth. The same way you find yourself drinking to “loosen up”, your judgment regarding eating loosens up too. When you are buzzed or drunk, you aren’t counting calories – there could be some eating going on that you definitely wouldn’t be doing if sober.

c.      Third, I’ll call the hangover effect. On the day following your drinking, your body is craving calories (and usually not the healthy vegetable kind) to make you feel better, whatever it takes. It’s tough to combat this and most people succumb to the feeling and eat far more than a diet allows on “hangover day”.

2.   He cut out breads, gluten and sugar for six weeks. This isn’t easy, but if you are very strict with yourself, it is easier. One little bit of bread and he would crave more. His main hearty staples were organic brown rice, chicken, eggs, grass-fed beef and fish. He avoided most dairy with the exception of butter once a day.  Apples were the only sugar he had – other lower sugar fruits would work well depending on what you like. He doesn’t like vegetables so his vegetable intake was low – your results could be more rapid if you supplement some of the organic brown rice that he ate with greens – try spinach, kale, lettuce, chard, carrots and beets. These brightly colored gems will have all sorts of added nutritional benefits. Avoid vinegars as well.

3.   He also took testosterone-boosting shots – you can get these as supplements or have a doctor administer them. He now uses these: Gaspari Nutrition Novedex XT Anti-Aromatase Testosterone Booster, Capsules, 60-Count Bottle. Often, weight loss is not happening because of a hormone imbalance – correct that and the weight loss comes more easily. You can take other supplements as desired and do mild detoxification cleanses during this diet.

Now, his goal is to lose that last 30 pounds to get back to his ideal weight and the plan for that is different. He must burn fat, and get rid of belly fat. He’ll be taking it up a notch with a specific diet plan designed to get rid of stomach weight and to get rid of fat so that he can maintain the weight loss he worked so hard for.  His plan of choice to get rid of the belly fat is this hugely successful Burn the Belly Fat Ab Diet Plan. How have you tried to lose 40 pounds?

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