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Yeast Free Diet - Will You Lose Weight?

Will You Lose Weight on a Yeast Free Diet?

The problem with a lot of our eating habits particularly in the United States is the reliance on carbohydrates that turn into sugars when we digest them Even if they aren’t sugar when you put them in your mouth, they convert into sugars once in your body. That isn’t good for losing weight obviously. The Yeast Free Diet as laid out by Adele Reising on her website is very restrictive but is good for weight loss as well as detoxifying your body.

Here are the basics on the Yeast Free Diet:

Things to Avoid:
Fruit Juice and sweeteners
Agave Nectar
Tropical fruits (such as pineapple, banana, mango)
Most Dried fruits – goji berries are ok but cook before eating
Rice Crackers
Cakes – Cookies – all the obvious junk
Fermented beverages
Animal Protein
Packaged Yogurt with Fruit
Oral Contraceptives
What to eat in Moderation:
Plain Yogurt
1-2 servings of non-tropical fruit a day
Nuts, seeds, avocados
Whole Sea Salt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Miso soup – soy sauce – tofu
Sweet Potatoes – Yams – Potatoes (only have them baked)
Organic Cage Free eggs – 1-2 x weekly
Organic Grass Fed Beef – 1-2 x weekly
Complex starches like Kasha, Quinoa, Rice, Millet, Barley, Buckwheat
Oats that are not over-processed (They should generally take more than 10 minutes to cook or are too processed Try Bob’s Red Mill oats, they cook in about 10 minutes and do not require pre-soaking.)

What you can and should eat:
Vegetables should be about 40-50% of your diet
Chlorophyll rich foods such as:
seaweed, lettuce, dandelion greens, kale, spirulina, watercress, cabbage, algae, collard, and chard
Sprouts: Barley, Rice, Mung Bean
Beans – Legumes - Peas

So, there you have it – if you are looking for some “spring cleaning” or pre or post holiday weight loss – this is a healthy way to detox your body and shed some weight with whole grain and nutrient rich ingredients. A no yeast diet is a great example of a detox diet.

Doing this for about six weeks will produce positive results. You can do it for a shorter period of time or longer as it is nutrient rich and full of healthy foods so it is sustainable. Also, try to choose ingredients that are seasonal from the list of foods you are eating to maximize the nutrients you eat.

More info can be found here. If you are doing a yeast free diet, we'd love to hear about any yeast free recipes that you love!

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