Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yeast Free Diet - Food You Can Eat

Yeast Free Food Options

When you are doing a yeast free diet, you may be wondering, what can I eat?
It seems like everything has yeast in it or other ingredients that are on the “do not eat” list.  A yeast free diet isn't going to be easy but it may be necessary for you or you may be experimenting with product elimination or food allergies to find which combinations leaving you feeling healthy and vibrant. Although many foods are forbidden on the yeast-free diet, there are plenty of healthy choices to leave you feeling satisfied. Especially for those who enjoy a good steak – you can enjoy grass-fed beef in moderation – that and some flavorful brown rice – sounds delicious. For more Yeast Free Diet ideas – see below and feel free to add your own ideas in the comments for no yeast diet ideas.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Nuts – (eat in moderation and avoid peanuts)
Organic Rice cakes with almond butter or avocado
Popcorn (plain)
Baby carrots and celery
Organic Tortilla chips (Try Trader Joe’s Organic Corn Tortilla chips – the only ingredients are corn, oil and salt)
Sesame sticks
   Hard-boiled eggs

   Green tea

Dinner Ideas:
Taco Salad – use organic corn tortilla chips and maximize your use of the ingredients on the “Good” list
Chicken and rice – you can really change this up a lot with spices
Veggie Soup – use all the legumes, and greens you can to make a good soup
Red beans and rice
Stir fry of greens – use a bit of Bragg’s amino acid flavoring and you can use a bit of soy sauce but go easy on that – use spices for flavor
Herb roasted chicken
Fish with Onions and Tomatoes with Rice
Baked potatoes – (in moderation – and be careful what you put on top_
Meatloaf – make sure all of the ingredients you use are in the “Good to eat” category and use grass-fed beef
Lentil salad with vegetables
Burger patties – see above
Black bean soup (puree in blender)
Grass fed steak with baked potato or sweet potato
Grilled Meat or fish
Sunfood Nutrition
Sweet Cravings:

Stick to fruits – it’s better to not indulge the sweet cravings as it only makes you crave more. If you avoid the sweet sensation for a few days, you will likely notice that it lessons and you don’t crave sugar or sweets as much. If you really need something – go for a piece of fruit (not tropical – see the list)

No dried fruits – they have yeast

I also found this yeast-free cookbook so you have recipes to mix things up so you don’t feel like you are missing so much Click Here for the Yeast Free Cookbook
I hope you found some useful Yeast Free Diet options here - if you have any ideas for good food options on a yeast free diet, please leave comments.

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