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Tracy Anderson Arms Webisode Review

Free Tracy Anderson Arms Webisode

Tracy Anderson is a well known for changing the bodies of celebrities most famously Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow has called Tracy Anderson a lifesaver and praised her methods for completely restructuring her body. Can Tracy Anderson help the rest of us?
In my other posts, I will discuss other Tracy Anderson products (DVDs, books etc). Click on the link if you’d like to read my review of the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD. I go into the format of the DVD, describe the setting, discuss reviews about it from around the web and give my own personal review. Definitely worth checking out if you are considering the Tracy Anderson Method.

This post is all about the Arm webisode Tracy Anderson did as part of a series of three fitness webisodes to benefit the charity Raising Malawi. 

Tracy Anderson is famous for her arm portion of her workouts – she claims that she can give every woman “teeny tiny ballet arms”. Her goal when designing her workouts is to bring the loose skin back to the muscle creating long lean muscles.

Here are the details on the Tracy Anderson arm webisode:
  • It is set in a gym setting
  • The music is techno – very industrial sounding, different from the music in her Mat and Cardio DVDs
  • Tracy Anderson, the instructor is working out with a guy and a girl – they are using weights and she is not so she can demonstrate that you can get the benefits from the exercises even if you aren’t using weights if you are not strong enough to do so.

The first five minutes of the arm webisode is done without weights and is a series of movements that you will recognize many of if you have done the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD or any of her other classes. You are constantly changing movements and your arms are constantly going so you are definitely exhausting the muscles. Even without weights, you definitely feel it. In the second five minutes of the Tracy Anderson arm webisode, you are using weights.

  • Note: Tracy Anderson believes that women should use weights that are 3 lbs or less, and that men should stick to 8 lbs or less with her method.
Here is the Tracy Anderson Arm Webisode free for now.

In this segment, you are doing quick repetitions and different sorts of lifting than you are probably used to. I hadn’t seen many of these rotations or movements before. You change rotations often enough during the arm webisode that it definitely doesn’t get boring.

Now, that said, I personally don’t think it is nearly as good as the arm section in the Mat Workout DVD. I didn’t “feel the burn” as much and didn’t feel the muscle exhaustion in the subsequent days the way that I initially did with the Tracy Anderson Mat arm workout. This may differ for you. I did like however some of the rotations that I had never seen before that felt very effective. I will incorporate some of them into my arm workouts. 

Is it worth $10 to purchase? It is $10 for charity (100% of the proceeds are donated to Raising Malawi!) so that may be reason to buy. I have the Tracy Anderson Arm Webisode free up on the site now above but can't guarantee that it will remain.

Also, with the Tracy Anderson method, it is important to continue to change up the movements and rotations so that your body does not get too used to them so adding this into your training is a great way to mix it up. If you want to purchase the Mat workout click the link The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Mat Workout DVD.

Hopefully this has been helpful – I had a difficult time trying to find a review of the Tracy Anderson arm webisode when I was debating purchasing it. I’d love to know if you’ve tried it. Please post in the comments if you have tried the Tracy Anderson Arms Webisode and what you thought!

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Amanda Aislinn said...

Thank you for reviewing these products and this webisode - as you have already mentioned. It is extremely difficult to find a review of this particular Tracy Anderson webisode. As a result of your reviews as well as countless other searches i have decided that I will try the method myself and see if i get any results tracking it on:

Thank you, once again for your reviews and tips on loosing weight (something which any woman finds especially helpful as we approach bikini season)!