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Get Rid of Sagging Skin - Is the Tracy Anderson Method the Answer?

Will the Tracy Anderson workout help get rid of sagging skin?

The Tracy Anderson Method is an innovative but controversial workout method that promises to take each woman regardless of starting body type to her smallest and leanest point. Tracy Anderson’s goal is for all of her devoted followers to have a “teeny-tiny dancer’s body” and she says she can make it happen.

Tracy says that her workout method is designed to work smaller muscles and bring the sagging skin up to the muscles so that your arms, bottom and abs are leaner and without droopy sagging skin that none of us want.

Does the Tracy Anderson Method work to get rid of sagging skin?

Well, her celebrity clients and her own physique are the best examples of her method in action. Known as Madonna’s personal trainer before a rumored feud made them part ways, that alone was a testimonial. Tracy Anderson also trained Gwyneth Paltrow for her role in Iron Man and has gained a very enthusiastic supporter in Paltrow. Gwyneth says that Tracy singlehandedly changed her body, got rid of her “sagging ass” and got her into shape post-pregnancy. Tracy Anderson is also a mother and her own incredibly fit frame is also testament to her method.

Many people who have tried Tracy Anderson’s method become devotees. I am a fan of both her Mat Workout DVD and the Dance Cardio DVD along with webisodes that work to further tone and bring in that loose hanging skin so that I can achieve the “ballet arms” that I am after. Just after doing the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD for a short period of time, I did notice results. No weight loss but definitely firmer more toned legs, bottom and arms and I believe the start of some abdominal muscles that have never been seen before here.

Tracy Anderson has also recently released a book Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method. The book address the cardio, the strength training and the diet element of your month long program. The book is very informative but what I found most helpful is the DVD that comes with the book. The Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method DVD offers three different strength training or muscular work segments each of the three addressing legs and butt, arms and stomach. It also has two cardio workouts. The dance cardio on this DVD is much easier to follow than the other Tracy Anderson cardio workouts so you can jump right in. You can of course add arms and tailor it to be more challenging for you if you desire. I find it interesting that Tracy states that she got rid of her own cellulite and as long as she keeps with her program of working out, she can stay within about a six pound cushion that she looks great at while still eating what she likes.

The key to Tracy’s method, she says and the only way to really get rid of loose sagging skin is to be consistent and do it as she suggests, six days a week. Also, you can’t just do this for a month or two and then quit and expect to maintain your results. Tracy says it’s a plan for life. You can go a couple of weeks without doing it and your body won’t go completely to hell but the key is to consistently DO it – make it a part of your life.

To really get rid of the loose skin more quickly, depending on where you have hanging skin – do those sections of the DVD twice. If you have sagging skin on your arms – do like Gwyneth did and spend more time on the arms exercises. In my post Gwyneth Arm Webisode you can link to the webisode Tracy Anderson made for Gwyneth to help her “get rid of batwings” when preparing for her film role.

Modifying your eating habits and gradually eating smaller portions will show dramatic results that can be lasting. If you shed some of the fat, you will really be able to see the long lean muscles that the Tracy Anderson Method creates. You can purchase my favorite, the Mat Workout DVD here: The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Mat Workout DVD. You may also consider the book Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method: The Weight-loss Kick-start that Makes Perfection Possible. The book has a strict 30 day regiment that is three fold. It has a daily cardio requirement for each of 30 days straight. It includes a strength training/conditioning plan for each day and a diet menu for 30 days. The book includes recipes and a DVD with an easy to follow cardio routine, demonstrations of each of the strength training exercises to develop the lean smaller connective muscles. The DVD alone makes the book purchase a great value. If you complete the 30 days, you will see transformative changes in your body. You will definitely lose some of the sagging skin and will hopefully have kick-started yourself into working towards getting rid of all sagging skin.

What helped you tighten up that loose hanging skin? Did you get results with the Tracy Anderson method to get rid of sagging skin?

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