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Dukan Diet Recipes

Dukan Diet Recipes to Lose weight

One of the new diets that is getting people excited is the Dukan Diet. Developed by a French doctor, the diet gives concise instructions on how to lose weight in four phases. An attack phase, where you eat all lean protein - a low fat and low carb diet, a cruise phase where you alternate the protein with vegetables, a consolidation phase where you gradually add in fruit and breads in specific amounts and a stabilization period where you can basically eat everything six days a week and then on the seventh day, you go back to the all-protein “attack” phase diet for a day. Then, back to normal. Dukan’s research has shown this to be an effective long-term strategy if followed to the letter. If you are someone who likes structure and can stick to a diet plan, check it out in more detail here.

If you are interested in a few of Dukan’s recipes to help you through the diet, a few are below although you can design your own recipes as the doctor is very specific about what things you can have and which you cannot have during each phase of the diet. Little room for error, just the way many of us like it. Rather than counting calories you are counting categories as Dr. Dukan says. You can eat as much as you want from these low-carb categories that he lists in his books. 72 foods you can eat unlimited amounts of. During the second phase and on - you can eat all you want from his 100 Dukan approved foods list. Spices, vinegar, mustard with no sugar and low salt is always okay as is juice from lemon to season your proteins.

The following Dukan fish recipe is an excerpt from The Dukan Diet book, which you can purchase here: The Dukan Diet

Recipes for the Protein-Only days

Shrimps sauteed in Herbs – serves 2

2lb shrimps, peeled, de-veined and rinsed 

4 garlic cloves, crushed 

1oz fresh parsley, chopped 

2fl oz dry white wine

1 lemon, cut in half

In a non-stick frying pan on medium heat, add the shrimps, garlic, parsley and wine. Sauté until the shrimps are pink. Serve with fresh lemon.

During the attack phase of the diet, you will lose weight quickly and see your most dramatic results. Here is a delicious Dukan chicken recipe for the attack phase.

Tandoori chicken escalopes – serves 6

6 chicken breast fillets

2 small containers of non-fat yogurt 

2 tbsp Tandoori masala spice mix

3 garlic cloves, crushed 

2 cm piece ginger, crushed 

2 green chilies, crushed 

Lemon juice

Salt and black pepper.

Mix all the ingredients together, except the meat. Make sure the garlic, ginger, chilies and spices are completely crushed to make a smooth blend. Score the chicken so that the yogurt and spice mixture gets inside the meat and marinate overnight in the fridge. The following day cook bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes then brown under the grill or broiler before serving. 

Both of the above are great options for the first phase, the “attack phase” and on your alternating protein-only days in your stabilization period. You can enjoy them anytime though!

The following are allowed during the second or cruise phase of the Dukan Diet – if you remove the vegetables, you can have them during the first or attack phase of the diet. During the cruise phase, you continue to lose weight but at a slower more gradual pace. Try this tasty Dukan beef recipe from the lean meats category.

Beef Kebabs – serves 4

14oz Beef fillet, cut into large chunks

¼ c low-sodium soy sauce 

2 tbsp Dijon mustard

1 Tbsp cider vinegar 

A little thyme and 1 bay leaf

Dash of vegetable oil

¼ c fresh lemon juice.

Mix all the ingredients together and marinate the beef for 2 to 4 hours in the refrigerator. Discard the marinade. Place the chunks of beef on the skewers (if using wooden skewers, make sure you soak them in water first to prevent burning). Grill until cooked to your liking.

During the second phase or cruise phase you may add tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers and onions. You may choose to use these when you cook in the attack phase to add color or flavors while cooking but you can't eat the fruits and vegetables during this phase. 

For those who like something sweet to finish a meal, a great no-sugar low carb Dukan dessert:

Cafe, Chocolate or Vanilla Creme – serves 4

3 eggs, separated

¼ tsp cornstarch

1 c skim milk 

Flavoring (choose one): 1tsp instant coffee, 1 tsp non-fat cocoa powder dissolved in water or 1 vanilla pod, split lengthwise, insides removed and mixed with a few drops of vanilla extract. 
Sweetener to taste

Protein and Vegetable Recipes

Indulge in these in the cruise, consolidation or stabilization phases

Stuffed mushrooms  - Serves 20 hors d'oeuvres

20 large mushrooms, washed 

2 garlic cloves, chopped 

1oz fresh parsley, chopped 

A few tsp of skim milk 

A few drops of vegetable oil 

Salt and black pepper

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees

Use the largest mushrooms you can find. Wash and remove the stalks. Chop stalks and add garlic, parsley, salt, pepper and skim milk. Cook the stuffing mixture in a non-stick frying pan. Meanwhile, bake the mushroom caps stem side down for 10 minutes.

Fill the hollow mushroom caps with the cooked stuffing and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes or until done.

When cooked drizzle a drop or two of vegetable oil over each stuffed mushroom. Another Dukan fish recipe follows:

Three-pepper tuna – Serves 2
1lb 9oz  tuna steak

1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 yellow pepper

Juice of 1-2 lemons 

2 garlic cloves, crushed
Salt, white pepper.
Wash, de-seed and halve peppers. Grill for 5 minutes, then to make peeling them easier place in a plastic bag for 10 minutes.
Next cut into strips and gently fry for a few minutes over a moderate heat in a non-stick frying pan that has been lightly oiled (add some oil then wipe with kitchen towel) with a little water in the bottom. Season the tuna and steam for 20 minutes.
Mix together lemon juice, garlic and peppers. When the tuna is cooked, allow to cool then marinate it with the peppers in a cool place for 2-3 hours. Serve cold.
Another Dukan Dessert favorite is the floating island. This Dr Dukan treat includes eggs, vanilla, and no sugar sweetener along with skim milk - perfect to maintain your low fat diet during your attack phase.
Floating Island - Serves 4
4 eggs, separated
2 ¼ c skim milk
1 vanilla pod, split lengthwise.

Sweetener to taste
In a mixing bowl, beat the egg whites until they form soft but firm peaks (you can use a dash of cream of tartar to make this easier). In a saucepan bring the milk, sweetener and a small vanilla pod to a boil.
With a ladle carefully spoon out snowball-sized portions of the egg whites and drop them into the hot milk. They will swell up. After turning them over remove with a slotted spoon and drain on a plate.
Those are just a few recipe ideas. Be creative in planning your meals and recipes to your tastes. Dukan gives a list of condiments and foods you may eat in each phase of the Dukan Diet and those to avoid. If you stick to that, you will be fine.
Also from his book, this excerpt gives and idea of an average day during the second phase or “cruise” phase of the diet. During this phase, you are losing weight at a more gradual pace.
A Typical Protein and Vegetable Day
Coffee or tea (with skim milk and sweetener)
Either 2 small non-fat yogurts or
1 c non-fat cottage cheese and
Either 1 slice turkey, chicken or low-fat ham, or 1 boiled egg
Snack: 1 small non-fat yogurt or
½ c non-fat cottage cheese
Stuffed mushrooms and
Three-pepper tuna and
Café creme
Snack: Oatbran pancake (made with 2 tablespoons oatbran) and
Slice of ham or smoked salmon
Thick zucchini soup and
Beef kebab and
Finish with a treat of Floating Island 

The above recipes are all from Pierre Dukan’s new book the Dukan Diet – more recipes can be found there. Has anyone tried the Dukan Diet? Did you lose weight quickly? Were you able to maintain your weight loss with Dukan Diet Recipes?
Extracted from the Dukan Diet by Pierre Dukan
Source: Daily Mail 
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