Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tracy Anderson Method Review - New Tracy Anderson Book

The Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method Book is now available!!  If you want a long lean celebrity body – why not take advice from a celebrity trainer who works with thin lean celebs like Courteney Cox, Kristin Davis, Emily Blunt, and Gwyneth Paltrow?

Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson shows you how to lose weight and how to lose it fast. For years she has helped women shape and sculpt their bodies so they could have the lean ballet dancer bodies they desired. She has worked for many years getting celebrities red carpet ready and slimmed down for film roles and appearances. Reviews of the Tracy Anderson Method are generally excellent – if you do it 6 days a week, as she suggests – you will get results.

Have you checked out Tracy Anderson’s DVDs? You can read my review of the Tracy Anderson Mat DVD Workout here. I also have reviews of the Tracy Anderson Method in other posts. I review some of the Tracy Anderson Webisodes and have information about her Five Day Diet for Gwyneth Paltrow, and more of her tips for how to lose weight quickly and keep motivated.
Tracy Anderson has a highly anticipated book coming out with a release date of September 20, 2010. You can pre-order the book Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method: The Weight-Loss Kick-Start that Makes Perfection Possible

The Tracy Anderson book is called “Tracy Anderson’s 30 Day Method – The Weight Loss Kick-Start that Makes Perfection Possible”. Tracy promises to shrink your body and help you lose weight in just 30 days. The book will focus on the Tracy Anderson Method and incorporate cardio, sculpting and a 30-day diet designed to get excellent, fast weight loss results.

The Tracy Anderson Method was developed when Tracy Anderson had difficulty getting and maintaining the slim, long, lean body she wanted as a dancer in her teens. She found that the exercise she was doing was bulking her up instead of slimming her down.

After an unsuccessful search for a great alternative workout, she created her own. After finding success herself, Tracy wanted to test her method on other women. The results were terrific. Women could lose weight and get the dancer bodies they desired if they put in the work. Normal women of all body shapes have changed their bodies with the Tracy Anderson Method.  More visibly, several celebrities have gotten into the best shape of their lives working with Tracy Anderson and following her method, giving it stellar rave reviews.

In Tracy Anderson’s new book, she adds in a 30-day diet with plenty of recipes to help people with their goals to lose weight quickly and feel better about themselves. Fans of the Tracy Anderson Method must have this new book Tracy Anderson’s 30 Day Method. One of the keys to her method is changing things up and not letting the muscles do the same thing over and over indefinitely so Tracy Anderson fans will be excited to find new things to add to their repertoire.

The Tracy Anderson 30-Day Method is now easy. I have the book and it is great. It's like a mini-boot camp where you really have to commit for thirty days. When you commit to beginning the 30 day method, you are committing to about an hour and a half to 2 hours of working out a day for 30 days straight. The book offers Tracy's own story and struggle with weight, breaks down all of the reasons that the method works, and then presents the cardio, the muscular structure work and the diet that will change your body in 30 days. The book has photos of each of the muscular structure exercises broken down into three different sections of the 30 day plan. For days 1-10, there are seven moves, day 11-20 and then a third set of muscular structure training moves for the last ten days of the 30 day boot camp. The best thing is that the Tracy Anderson 30-Day Method book comes with a DVD that has two cardio workouts and the three toning training sequences which makes it so much easier to follow them.

You do have to pause it and do more reps than Tracy does in the video which is a little annoying as you are required to do 40 reps of each of the sequences. However, it is set up so it is easy to go back to the beginning of the portion for legs and then the stomach and arms exercises don't require going back for the second side.  I found the exercises challenging, in a good way. To do 40 reps each of the leg and butt exercises all on one side was tough and really burned. However, it does take some hard work to get the body you want and I find it encouraging when I feel some muscle pain the day after a good workout. The Tracy Anderson cardio sequences in the 30 day method are easy to follow so there isn't a learning curve or a need to learn the dances as you need to do with the Dance Cardio DVD. They key is to keep moving, bouncing and following along. You could obviously add arms and make it your own if it becomes too easy for you.

The Tracy Anderson 30 day diet is given with a whole collection of recipes that offer low carb and low fat foods that are delicious and work well with the whole plan. There is a chicken with mango and scallion recipe that you can find at Tracy Anderson Diet Recipe. It is important to stick to the diet but there are plenty of good options to satisfy your cravings whether they be for chocolate or dessert or more substantial foods. The Choco Chestnut Pudding is one sweet recipe on the diet and fruit compote and strawberries with mint are other sweet recipes to enjoy. Poached cod and Tracy Anderson Minestrone style soup are more cozy savory recipe options on the 30 day plan. The last days on the diet are more focused on fast slimming with more juices and low calorie options to show off those nice lean muscles that you've worked so hard for in the first few weeks of the Tracy Anderson 30 Day Method.

Most important is that you do it! The 30 day method is not easy but Tracy Anderson promises results if you stick with it and do the exercises and follow the diet as she instructs. You will see a change in your body in 30 days. You want Tracy Anderson results? You need to put in the time and work out the hour and a half a day for thirty days and follow the food plan. Don't make substitutions unless you are allergic to something. The less thinking you have to do about the food, the better - Tracy says.

People new to the Tracy Anderson Method will find this the perfect way to review the method and learn the basics from Tracy Anderson herself. The new book is the perfect introduction to the Tracy Anderson Method and a terrific resource to use with the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD and the Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Series as well as the Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio DVD.
Have you pre-ordered your Tracy Anderson book: “Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method” yet? Have you tried the method? Order the new Tracy Anderson DVD and Book with the 30 Day Method now!!
Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method: The Weight-Loss Kick-Start that Makes Perfection Possible


Jorden Lane said...

hi! I'm new to your blog...found you by searching for info on Tracy's new book - so excited! On the cover posted on Amazon - it says that it includes a DVD, is that right? Seems to good to be true - just trying to figure out if it in fact does include the dvd? Do you know?

AchieveExcellence said...

Hi Jorden. Thanks for your comment. Really looking forward to the book too. Have you checked out the webisode that Gwyneth Paltrow did to prep for Iron Man? I found it really challenging but a great workout! I don't have any inside info on if the new Tracy Anderson book comes with a DVD although I noticed as you did that it appears to include one. Let's hope!

Law of Attraction said...

It does come with a DVD. I just finished reading it and want to start tomorrow.