Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cathe Workout Downloads

CLICK HERE to Download Cathe's Workouts NOW!  

Working out with Cathe Friedrich Fitness DVDs just became easier - Now you can get the workouts as digital downloads - transferred to your iPod - played on your TV - amazing!

Cathe Friedrich has gained major popularity in her 25+ years teaching and developing top training videos and DVDs in various genres including step aerobics, kickboxing, and lots of upper and lower body toning training. Cathe keeps her workouts interesting with great choreography that is always changing and keeps you challenged. 

Cathe’s workouts are all about intense, make-it-count workouts. Many of them work interval or circuit training in throughout the program with cardio making them a really intense and complete workout in other 60 minutes. These workouts are perfect for busy, focused people who need to get results without spending three hours a day at the gym. However, sometimes waiting around for DVDs to arrive isn't on your timeline. Sometimes you want your workout NOW! Cathe has made it possible with digital downloads.
The digital downloads are the same high quality as the DVDs but are easily downloadable so you can play them on your iPod, your TV or your computer right away.

Check out Cathe's digital downloads here: Click here for Cathe's Digital Downloads

About a few of the programs:

Cathe’s BodyBlast takes kickboxing, step aerobics, strength training and cardio and puts them all into 6 routines – 3 cardio and 3 training/toning to get optimum results in a short amount of time.

Her Cross Train Xpress brings together kickboxing, step and interval training with an almost endless supply of upper and lower body toning exercises for an incredibly complete cross training workout that you can do at home.

If you are looking to lose weight quickly, and really want and intense workout – Cathe’s Bootcamp  series are where you should start:

Try the 4 Day Split set that has four unique and super intense workouts that focus on different areas of your body that will get you in shape in a hurry. Each of the four workouts is approximately an hour long.

Cathe’s STS Shock Training System dowloads are excellent because you can pick which area of your body you want to target and really push yourself. You’ll work up a sweat with any of Cathe’s workouts.
If you want to lose weight, tone, sculpt, or just have more energy and look better in your clothes – check out Cathe’s downloads and start working out tonight. 

Will you lose weight? That depends on your consistency, and also on how many calories you take in. If you do one of Cathe's intense workouts 4-6 days a week and change nothing in your diet (but don't eat more!), over time you will definitely change your shape and gradually lose some weight. If you modify your eating habits, you will really see changes occur with the Cathe Friedrich digital downloads. 

Let me know in the comments which of Cathe’s Fitness Workouts are your favorite? Has Cathe helped you lose weight quickly?

If Cathe's Workouts aren't your style, if you’ve spent any time on the blog, you’ll know I’m a big fan of the Tracy Anderson Method, click here for a post about that or browse the right hand side of the site for more.

I am especially interested in DVD and digital downloadable fitness because the time it takes to go to the gym, get settled, and get home from the gym is time that in my mind could be spent either with family, with friends, actually working out, reading, working – basically doing anything but transporting yourself to a place to do what you could possibly do in the comfort of home. If you are looking for Cathe's videos and Cathe Workout Downloads - click above to download Cathe workouts now.

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