Friday, May 21, 2010

Fruit Picker | Fruit Harvester

Fruit Picker - Which one to buy? Fruit Picking Mania!

Just came across something great for those trying to replace processed sugar with natural sugars from fruit and fruit smoothies. If you are fortunate enough to have fruit trees on your property, or access to them elsewhere (legally, of course!) – you will know that sometimes it is really challenging to get to the good fruit. It’s too high, too far back on the branches and a little shake down isn’t helping the fruit to fall down. It seems wasteful to let those great pieces of fruit just stay on the tree until they fall off and either get eaten by the local predators or until they rot.

There are some really great, sturdy functional fruit pickers to help you get the fruit from the trees. 
Whether you have oranges, peaches, nectarines, apples, lemons, avocados or any other fruit in abundance – you want to get all of it. If you don’t use it yourself to make fruit spreads, fruit jams – maybe because they require far too much sugar to lose or maintain weight – fruit makes a great gift to friends and neighbors. Share your abundance of fruit, use it for smoothies, freeze it – just make sure you get it all with a handy fruit picker.
I came across the fruit picker in Bon Appetit magazine, where they feature a pretty one by Ames – it looks sturdy and sells on amazon. This is it here: Ames True Temper 2324500 Fresh Fruit Harvester With 10-Foot Telescoping Aluminum Handle

I also found a few other fruit harvesters or fruit pickers that looked pretty solid and got good reviews. The two I’m considering for myself to pick my fruit in the backyard are the Fruit Picker TwisterPicker and the Do It Best Import L&G M3A Fruit Picker. Both of these got good reviews and everyone said they help you “pick fruit with ease” even from the hard to reach branches. Just what I’m looking for. The Do it Best L&G Fruit Picker is cheaper but the other looks more solid to me. 

The twister picker doesn't look quite as cute but it looks like it really gets the job done. Lots of five star reviews and a solid looking fruit harvester. That will probably be the one for me. Fruit Picker, the TwisterPicker

Fruit is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth – especially good frozen with a bit of natural stevia sprinkled on to bring out the sweet flavor. No sugar necessary! Check out my other posts for some great healthy smoothie recipes with fruit, vanilla stevia, and hemp protein powder, some with anti-aging micro plant powder thrown in.

Did you see the foodie tool feature – the fruit picker in Bon Appetit? Has anyone tried the Ames True Temper Fruit Picker? What are some favorite ways to use fruits in a low calorie fruit recipe? Have you tried any of the fruit harvesters or fruit picker tools?

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