Thursday, October 21, 2010

Adriana Lima: No Carb Diet + 2 Hour Workouts + Metagenics

Adriana Lima Metagenics Shakes and No Carb Diet Plan

Adriana Lima, Victoria's Secret Angel supermodel and gorgeous new mom tells bloggers the honest truth about how she loses weight to prepare for the Victoria's Secret show. Usually models always give the same story about how the weight just "melted off" after they gave birth or how it was breastfeeding, a little bit of yoga and taking care of the baby that helped them lose weight. Unfortunately, this weight loss advice is generally not helpful, and sometimes not believable.

We at How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy love women who are forthright about the work they put in to lose weight. It isn't always easy, it isn't always a few yoga classes, it isn't "I eat whatever I want". Sometimes, well, usually - weight loss takes effort and there is nothing wrong with admitting that you put a little effort into getting back into shape after having a baby. And who doesn't want a body like Adriana Lima's?

In a recent lunch meeting with bloggers and press members including NY magazine which is where we found this fantastic information, beautiful model Adriana Lima talked about her weight loss strategy to get in her tip top supermodel shape for her upcoming runway shows. Lima said that she eats almost zero carbs, does 2 hour workouts daily and has various protein shakes by Metagenics throughout the day. She says she feels great as the Metagenics supplements give her energy and the lack of chocolate and sugar help her avoid a "puffy" feeling that she says she has when she does eat them. That is doubtful but it is refreshing to hear just the same.

Adriana Lima's workouts consist of jumping rope, boxing and strength training exercises that involve using her own body weight rather than weights or machines. She varies her workouts all the time, most likely with a trainer to keep them interesting and exciting. Two hours a day, six days a week is a big commitment but that is what it takes to get a hot body like Adriana Lima.

 The supermodel's diet consists of green vegetables everything grilled or steamed and 4 oz protein portions in addition to the Metagenics drinks and cereal bars for protein between meals.
This is her overdrive diet that she follows strictly in the six weeks or so leading up to the big annual show.
Lima recommends jumping rope as an easy, intense exercise you can take anywhere. If you are traveling, jumping rope is the best exercise as you can take the jump rope with you and it doesn't take up much space in your luggage. Everyone knows how to do it and it helps you burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. You don't need to do anything fancy - just do it and you'll lose weight.

If you want to get in supermodel shape like Adriana Lima - consider following her diet and workout plan.  No carb diet, two hour workout 6 days a week and Metagenics protein shakes and bars. Consult your doctor as Lima does during her diet to make sure you are in great shape and getting the nutrients you need.
Hope you enjoyed Adriana Lima's diet and workout tips - have you tried her Metagenics, no carb diet?

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