Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lose Weight and Get the Body of a Victoria's Secret Model with Trainer David Kirsch

Shape up like a Victoria's Secret Model with Tips from Trainer David Kirsch

Get a Victoria’s Secret Angel model body by following tips from trainer to the angels, David Kirsch. Celebrity trainer and author David Kirsch recently gave away some of his secrets for getting the Victoria’s Secret models ready for the big annual holiday runway show. Kirsch works with high-profile clients with amazing fat-free bodies year round but extra attention is paid for the glorified few who reach Angel heights and walk the runway for the big show. Although the models he works with are thin all the time, they switch into overdrive training to shed fat and lose any excess weight before the big show. As Kirsch points out in his conversation with New York magazine, the girls are practically naked, and you don’t want to see anything jiggling when they walk down that runway. In addition to the Angels, Kirsch has trained actress Anne Hathaway and supermodel (and Angel) Heidi Klum who always looks fit, skinny and amazing.
So, David Kirsch gives his three tips for getting the model body you are after. Before getting into his tips for looking like a model, obviously eating less and working out go without saying. Here are three mistakes mere mortals make and the Angel’s secrets for getting a great body.

1) Do the right exercise for your body type. Kirsch points out the women (or men) will often see someone whose body they like and do the same exercise that they do. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out. If you are inclined to bulk up in the quad area, you can’t expect to get a long, lean model body through running or spinning even if Gisele can do that.
2) Poor form and technique. Focus on doing each movement correctly with the proper placement so that your exercise is getting you the results you want. As you will find on this site, the Tracy Anderson method is a great one for avoiding bulk and getting long, lean model muscles. In fact, several models and actresses use the Tracy Anderson Method for their training. Ms. Anderson also notes that proper form and technique are crucial to your results.
3) Importance of Eating. This does not mean eating what you want, and enjoying all of your favorite foods. Kirsch explains that he often has to teach the models to eat to fuel their bodies throughout the day. Follow Adriana Lima’s example and eat high veggie, lots of protein diet. Adriana eats almost zero carbs, and lots of protein shakes to prep for the show. Read all about her model diet. Avoid sugars, carbohydrates and other fast sugars that won’t give you lasting energy.

He also advises drinking a big protein shake before your Thanksgiving feast which you could do before Christmas parties, New Years parties and any other big events, dinners or festivities throughout the year. He suggests enjoying in small portions the things you love but to avoid loading up on all of it, pick and choose.

He also suggests strength training exercises with bands, resistance and tubing to get those long lean muscles. Kirsch, like Tracy Anderson advises lower weights for women. Tracy Anderson has her clients use only 3 lb weights for strength training while David Kirsch has his clients use 3-5 lb weights for training. If you happen to be in the New York area, you can check out classes at his gym. There are “Shape Shifter: classes to help lift your butt and shift and shape your body to get you to the point you want to be. You can find classes at your local gym to get these shape shifting results too.

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I would have liked more specific advice about the regiment he puts his Victoria’s Secret model clients on to prepare for the show. Fortunately, we have gorgeous supermodel Adriana Lima’s real diet and exercise plan that she uses to prep for the show which gives a lot more guidance for those who want to lose weight like a model.

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