Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dukan Diet Book US Release Date

Dukan Diet Book US Release Date Set

Have you found it difficult to find The Dukan Diet by Pierre Dukan at your local bookstore? I know I did. I looked at Barnes and Noble, at Borders, at my local mom and pop book shops and I could not get this book. When you are excited to start a diet, you want the book now, yesterday really - you don't want to wait for shipping. However, there is always Amazon to the rescue.

Back when I ordered it, you had to order from the UK amazon site, and pay hefty shipping fees. For a while, you could get the Dukan Diet book from the US Amazon for a good price without the extra shipping charges. Not sure that this is still the case. It looks like with the new "and improved' copy which looks like it has been slightly changed up for the U.S. audience - you may have to wait for the release date of April 19, 2011 and a hardcover.
The paperback Dukan Diet which is the one I have is a UK import and appears to be available too. Click the picture in the box to see the current price and availability. The book is a bargain at any cost if it is the diet to change your life, right?
It will be great when the book is finally available at local bookstores this April 2011 so that you can browse and see if you like the style and if it will be the right diet for you before you commit. However, if you want to learn more or get started right away - you can do that too!

The general idea of the diet is fairly straightforward - it is a high protein, low fat diet but there are some important twists on the diet that make it unique and the book is definitely worth reading if you are serious about doing the Dukan Diet. It has proven successful and produced results for millions and has gained popularity around the world including celebrity fans such as J-Lo who is looking better than ever. For more info, recipes and Dukan diet basics - check out the website: Pierre Dukan Diet

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